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Husband, Father, US Army Veteran, Airborne Infantryman, and Sniper. 
After 7 years in the Army and two tours overseas, one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, Kyle struggled entering the civilian workforce. The apprenticeship with NECA/IBEW made all the difference for Kyle and his family. 
Kyle graduated the apprenticeship as a journeyman electrician and has strived to creat opportunities for veterans to follow his path. His experiences have been the driving force behind VIPER Transitions; from his own struggles to the brothers he lost to suicide. Kyle is determined to see military transitions transformed into a system that places the needs of the veteran and their families first. 



Board Member

Tanya Black served in the United States Marine Corps. She experienced first-hand the difficulty of transitioning to civilian life. Although her learned skills in the Marine Corps should have directly transferred to civilian employment, they did not. She is passionate and never takes no for an answer. Tanya joined VIPER Transitions with the vision and drive to improve upon our efforts, and focused on developing the organization with experience and integrity.

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Director of Operations

Sam is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Receiving citations and awards for his service in Iraq, his ability to innovate, design, and execute made him an valuable asset to the Marine Corps. Like so many veterans with transferable military occupations, Sam found himself unable to secure employment using the skills he used to save lives. He eventually found himself applying to the NECA/IBEW apprenticeship and became a journeyman electrician. He carries a strong desire to see change in all aspects of the process of transitioning from the military to the civilian life.



Director of Military Spouse Operations

Kathleen was selected to lead the Family Readiness Group for Apache Company 1-501(ABN) INF prior to their deployment to Afghanistan in 2009. During this deployment she showed her true leadership skills by coordinating information dissemination and supporting events with the military spouses and families of the Unit. Her ability to unite and lead, despite having families spread across the country, resulted in her receiving Army Commendation Medals for her service. For over 15 years she has supported her veteran husband Kyle, the veterans he served with, and military families. Today she continues to unite and lead military families as they navigate transition from the military.